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Monday, November 7, 2011

Cool things in the wire

There are a few cool things in the wire this month (the December issue). Carey - "Modern Love are gearing up for a quadruple LP set of unreleased Daphne Oram material, due before the end of the year, with a CD release to follow in Janurary". AND: Mark Fisher is to get "vacuum sealed inside an Entr'acte release. Monologues 1, the first in a new series of 'audio publications' from the label, features Fishers discourse on "The Poor And The Proletariate"...". Spinn and Rashad do the invisible jukebox (I'm listening to loads of Juke at the moment, especially lil jabba's Swisha). Autechre, Shackleton, The Bangs and Works mixes, Sunn 0))) etc are also reviewed... yeah, a little too excited by the wire this morning... i'll sign off with Autechre's "Arch Carrier" to accompany all this fevered fandom:

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