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Friday, November 18, 2011

Vocalities Blog + Fourier + Bussoti

Last year there was a blog for the Vocalities lectures. Soon I hope to get logins for this an anyone who would like to contribute can just ask me for an invite. There is already a lot of thought provoking content on there from last years group- so take a look. Also I'll probably be posting my notes on Mladen Dolar's "The Metaphysics of the Voice" from A Voice and Nothing More there.

Also - notice I changed the title picture? I felt the equalizer gif was a bit annoying, so instead there is an image of Charles Fourier's phalanstere - just to reflect the communal premise of this blog...

I'll sign off with some random Sylvano Bussotti for a cold dark night - I'd like a book of all his scores!

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