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Monday, November 14, 2011

Pre-ramble for Vocalities - Mladen Dolar, Voices, Echos, Signifiers & Actions

Just read through Mladen Dolar's essay "The Metaphysics of a Voice", if I wasn't so pushed for time I'd go back and read it again, one of the most fascinating and enjoyable essays I've read for ages. It's left me pondering upon so many questions. Is The Wilhelm Scream an action turned into a word through repetition and mixing? Is sound, when it breaks from musicality (text, logos) action? How can we trace the dichotomy of the scary masculine, fatherly Shofar trumpet and echo's flutey musical feminine teasing into contemporary sonic modes of praxis? AND despite the engendered genesis of these two trains of thought why does fear or apprehension result from both? How can these be utilised in order to vivisect the dragged out DJ Screw murmurs of famous rappers? Or warps labels metallic contortions of vocal samples or james blake??? Also - can one use the story of echo and narcissus to interpret the reverb soaked post-productions of Witch House???

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