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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Adam Harper on Cornelius Cardew's Alien Scores

There is a great little article by Adam Harper of Rouge's Foam in the Epiphanies page at the back of this months The Wire magazine (335). It's all about Cornelius Cardew's 'Treatise' score. You can check out some other pieces of Cardew's work over on Ubuweb. Here's a video of Treatise:

After all the discussion of form, mode of investigation I felt there's a nice parallel to be found whilst contemplating Cardew's scores - the undefined exterior..., and this also ties in with my investigations into sub-sonic 'sounds' and infra-sonic 'sounds': sounds outside our listening range, inaudible sounds... So much of sound is outside the simple logos that's presented (or projected?) - like the Chion text, the meaning is often generated internally, it's heard between the ear-drums.... it's there in our soul or our minds - Cardew's scores remind me of this. Here are some images of his scores:

Page 134

Page 72

Page 29


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