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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ideas and Refs (Dolar to Goodman?)

Just a few things I'll be pondering over.

Noise and Capitalism (thanks Janna)

Like I have said over on Vocalities blog about the schism of the voice into an extimatic dyad comprising of the alogos exo-remnant and the logosified (mutilated) main - language, I feel that sound also succumbs to this schism. Most sounds are now language, sonic cues and aural signs (hence Chion's quad's existence, or need to be used - the sign doesn't need to be studied, we don't listen to all sounds, we just read) - I'd like to use the above phenomena as a jump off to start questioning how, and why these sonics are so effective - I presume it's because they operate through an intrinsically internal platform, but not mediated by 'listening' - see binaurals - or are simply outside of our listening 'reading', exo-logos, -  see Infrasound perhaps. To map this out is my first task - then perhaps later I can start investigating the connected politics, sonic-ethics, and spatial existence.

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