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Monday, December 12, 2011

Texts and Questions

Anyone have thoughts on the texts? I just finished the Chion text, loved it, massive creative potential for extrapolating a seam to mine (like, excavate), I think his 4 modes of listening could be transposed onto the endless maze of dyads, syzygies extimacies, apollonian, dionysian, collective and individual, objective and subjective, logos (authority) and alogos (animal) that I'm a little obsessed with right now (see this rant over on the Vocalities blog)....the ear drum as sonic dyad, subjective and external, sound object and pareidolia are pretty big questions for me right now. Especially in relation of collective/individual/control/authority themes.

Freedman's Tyranny of the Tyranny seemed (in light of Cathy Levine's response) to almost become performative for all the wrong reasons, I just put it down and felt that each writer was pushing a view, an opinion of a preferred and prescriptive model of future activity... they were both arguing for control and dominance, and so even by arguing against specific forms of activity or by arguing for them - any autonomy of the movement is eroded. So if a movement's effectiveness is through atomized emancipation or by localized direction the whole freedom of the movement is still jeopardised. In short, as soon as you have the discussion about best route forwards, the movement loses autonomy (even if paradoxically the outcome for the movement is to gain autonomy).

Has anyone had any thoughts about the following?

*what question they would like to work on?
* in relation to to what concrete issue/sound does this question address
*to what/who you will need to read, listen to or watch to answer this question

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