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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Auditions Listening Notes: Feed Me Data + What is the sound of the limit of the classroom?

Feed Me Data

groups of voices sound like bees
or humming of electrical devices
these are walls of sound that restrict us
words jump out like mistakes
conversations overlaid with general

sea of people
spoken chant / prayer group
moving on all sides
anxious movement
center body

train station
small ants running around
a closed space, little sense of space or movement
sharp voices, nervous people talking too quickly
clicks & cluckles

What is the sound of the limit of the classroom?

song in the sound is two waves
the whisper is a part
distance from ‘us’ determines the significance
the singing grates in me – it is forcing something on me
popping of microphone is the sound I am most curious about. It is white, but …
other sounds (not the song) are more open …

it was an audition
the sound object is not a line. It is more like a zone?

working together

disappearance of the sound;
mixing of the sounds;
movement ?!

choral music
depth vector
people talking
mic jolts
(echo’s well! J)

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