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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lyre bird..

This is the most fascinating thing that I have ever heard... Don't even need all the technologies we have to copy the sounds that one can hear.. This actually pushes the frustration of disbelieving your hearing even further..


  1. my dad was talking to me about bird calling, he likened it to the banjo scene in vocalities (hence my posting it over on the other blog)... Firstly it's crazy that my dad used to whistle to birds, secondly it's crazy that he could enter into a call and response mode of dialogue... he said it starts with repeating a whistle back and then you can stop halfway through a call and then the bird finishes it.... there was an artist/singer who re-recorded bird song through her voice and played/exhibited it in urban environments - I can't remember who

  2. Then I must be crazy LOL I find myself whistling certain bird species and they actually call back to me. I love the dead silence outside. When it is as quiet as can be and I whistle a certain copy of a bird they respond back quickly and it makes me feel happy.